Carve Your Pumpkin Into A Wattson-O-Lantern

Posted by Wattson on Oct 25, 2013

Halloween is just around the corner! Which means it’s the perfect time to carve your pumpkin.  To help, we have made downloadable templates of your favorite green energy monster, Wattson, for you to use.

There is no right or wrong way to carve your pumpkin. Some may choose to cut all the way through, others will carve layers off for multiple levels of light to shine through. (See Example Below)


Download Your Wattson The Energy Monster Template!

Download Template: Wattson With Feet

Download Template: Wattson Without Feet

Tips, Tricks & Tools:

For more helpful tips and videos to help make your pumpkin carving experience a success, check out How to Carve and Preserve the Ultimate Pumpkin.

Don’t forget to share your Wattson-O-Lantern photos with a #ENERGYMONSTER tag.

Happy Halloween!

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