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The 5 Ws of Kraft Faced Insulation Posted by Wattson on May 21, 2016

Kraft Faced Insulation

Do you ever feel like you're playing Twenty Questions when you're trying to figure out methods of making your home more energy efficient? We'll take the guessing games out of lowering your monthly energy bill. As you already now, insulating your home is a must, no matter what climate you're in. But how do you know which type of insulation...

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Insulation in Warm Climates…Isn’t that an Oxymoron? Posted by Wattson on Sep 22, 2015

insulation in warm climates

When you think of a well-insulated home, you likely envision sitting by the fire in a warm and toasty house, which is buried underneath a mountain of snow. You probably don’t think of a home basking in the shade of a palm tree. In reality, having proper insulation in your home is crucial in warm environments and cold environments al...

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10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Hot Summer Posted by Wattson on Jun 23, 2015

Summer has finally arrived! Before you bust out the sunscreen and make for the outdoors, you'll want to ensure that your home is also ready for summer's heat. These ten home preparation tips will help your home stay cool without skyrocketing your energy bill. 1. Install a programmable thermostat. These nifty devices allow you to set...

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You Don’t Need Tom Brady’s Budget to Have a Solar Powered Home Posted by Wattson on Apr 16, 2015

Did you know that football star Tom Brady's home is completely custom-built and includes Earth-friendly features like gray water collection, reclaimed and recycled construction materials, and solar panels that provide all of the home's electricity needs? While celebrities may have unlimited budgets for investing in sustainable en...

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5 Easy Ways to Turn Spring Cleaning into an Energy Saving Success Posted by Wattson on Apr 9, 2015

Spring is a great time to refresh your home after a long, buttoned-up winter. While making your usual spring cleaning rounds, consider these tips for tidying up your home's energy usage. 1. Improve Air Flow While you are cleaning baseboards, don't forget to make sure that air vents are clean and not blocked by furniture, draperies, ...

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Do Laundry Like a Money Saving Champ Posted by Wattson on Feb 9, 2015

In the average American household, appliances account for about 20% of the home's total energy usage. If you're looking for ways to chip away at your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment, let's take a look at one appliance-heavy chore: the laundry. Energy Efficiency Makes a Big Difference Energy efficient washing machi...

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CFL Lightbulbs! I’ve got an idea that will save you money! Posted by Wattson on Nov 18, 2014

We are the verge of a new energy era. One in which older models of inefficient appliances, equipment, and even tools are being transformed from energy drainers in to peak energy performers. One of the easiest and most revolutionary way you can create a more energy efficient home is by replacing outdated incandescent light bubs with CF...

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Meet The Super Efficient Ductless Mini-Split System Posted by Wattson on Jul 25, 2014

What do the Europeans and the Japanese have in common? A love for efficiency. This is why the ductless mini split systems are in much greater use by those countries than they are in the USA today. In America the usual approach is to install a ductless system only if the home doesn't support traditional HVAC technology, such as an ...

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No Energy Bills, No Energy Problems – The Benefits of A Net-Zero Home Posted by Wattson on Apr 28, 2014

A Net-Zero home is one that has the ability to produce as much energy as it consumes and sometimes more. This is done using clean, renewable energy resources in conjunction with a home that is extremely well-insulated and energy efficient. While the initial cost of construction may be higher, the benefits of a Net-Zero home make up f...

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Home Automation: Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Posted by Wattson on Sep 17, 2013

Imagine waking up in the morning, reaching over to grab the remote, and pushing a button that says “Good Morning”. The shades raise, the lights turn on, the coffee pot starts brewing, and the furnace kicks on to take the morning chill out of the air. Or, at the end of the day, when you've just finished watching your favorite shows...

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