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Stop Insulation From Getting Wet Posted by Wattson on Sep 5, 2022

insulation that has got wet

A single night of rain can cost you thousands of dollars... Unless you properly seal your insulation-packed walls. Doing what you can to prevent insulation from getting wet is MUCH MUCH easier than trying to deal with wet insulation. Trust us. It's our job. That's why in today's article we cover what to do if your insulation g...

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Mini-Split Troubleshooting Posted by Wattson on Jul 18, 2022

mini split troubleshooting

If your mini-split isn't blowing cold or hot air, don't panic! There are a few common reasons why this might be happening, and we're here to help you with mini-split troubleshooting. Let's discuss some of the most common mini-split problems and how to fix them. So whether your mini-split is blowing warm air in the summer or not putting...

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Your Guide to Energy Efficient Windows For Florida Homes Posted by Wattson on Feb 26, 2022

Windows are a pivotal piece of any home. They provide natural light and ventilation and play an important role in energy efficiency. There are three methods to upgrade your windows' efficiency: sealant curtains insulated glass Upgrading your existing windows can save you a lot of money on your energy bill each month. S...

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Spray Foam Insulation Installation: Avoid These Problems Posted by Wattson on Jan 10, 2022

spray foam insulation mistakes to avoid energy monster florida

If you are looking to install spray foam insulation in your home, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. We'll list some of the most common problems and installation mistakes that arise when spray foam insulation is installed incorrectly or by someone is who is not experienced, and why it's important for spray foam...

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DIY Spray Foam Insulation Projects: Tips, Mishaps, and Calling a Professional Posted by Wattson on Dec 22, 2021

diy spray foam insulation projects energy monster florida

Spray foam insulation is extremely popular, and for good reason. It not only acts as an air barrier but is also mold-resistant and can be easily installed in a crawl space or confined area where water or air leakage can cause havoc. Spray foam insulation projects are an attractive option for homeowners looking to save money and help the e...

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