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Home Insulation Explained Posted by Wattson on Dec 16, 2013

Insulation is one of the most important tools you have for managing your home's overall comfort and energy consumption. Insulation comes in many different materials and can be installed using several different techniques. Before we look at the different types of insulation, we need a way to compare the effectiveness of one type of ins...

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6 Ways To Keep Your Cool Without A/C Posted by Wattson on Jul 15, 2013

Whether it’s a budget constraint or a concern for the environment, enduring a summer in a house or apartment without air conditioning can be a sweltering nightmare in many climates. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. There are a lot of ways to keep your residence habitable even in the height of the summer heat without reso...

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Top Energy-Saving Devices for Your Home Posted by Wattson on May 24, 2013

Sometimes saving energy isn't about trimming consumption or cutting back. Sometimes it’s about going shopping! We all know about replacing older, inefficient appliances and consumer products with newer and more energy-conserving models, and on top of that there are also new ideas and new ways of doing things with less energy. Here are...

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The Nest – Future of Home Automation Posted by Wattson on Nov 19, 2012

What ever happened to the home automation that movies and television have been promising us since the 1950s? Where is George Jetson’s house? Finally, the first steps are being made in turning these fictions into reality. The Nest has arrived to transform the energy efficiency of our homes. The temperature in our homes is imperati...

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