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Thank You Veterans! Posted by Wattson on Nov 10, 2014

Today is the day to salute all those who have served for the sake of the United States of America. Let us, in unison, promise to be responsible citizens for the betterment of us all. Energy Monster is proud to thank our team of veterans for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of our country. Happy Veterans Day.   Energy Mon...

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How To Create The Coolest Jack-O-Lantern On The Block Posted by Wattson on Oct 13, 2014

Although the original idea behind carving pumpkins was to ward off evil spirits and unwanted visitors, today's creations are a friendly way to welcome friends and neighbors to join in on Halloween fun. Some are spooky, some are silly, and others are downright scary. The one thing they all have in common is they are all for fun. Here's...

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Carve Your Pumpkin Into A Wattson-O-Lantern Posted by Wattson on Oct 25, 2013

Halloween is just around the corner! Which means its the perfect time to carve your pumpkin.  To help, we have made downloadable templates of your favorite green energy monster, Wattson, for you to use. There is no right or wrong way to carve your pumpkin. Some may choose to cut all the way through, others will carve layers off for mu...

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The Top 9 Ways You Could Save Energy in Your Home Posted by Wattson on Oct 17, 2013

Learning about ways to be friendly to the environment while also being friendly to your wallet is an ongoing project for most homeowners. Beyond the usual ideas of turning off the lights and using programmable thermostats, most of us could use a few dynamic ideas to reduce energy usage in our homes.  1. Seal it up. This is first on the...

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Introducing “Wattson” the Energy Monster Posted by Wattson on Dec 14, 2012

We are proud to introduce "Wattson" the Energy Monster to you. We recently held a social media contest, where we asked local residents to help us name our monster. The contest was a huge success, with loads of creative and funny names, wich we had some good laughs over such as; Bigbucks, Gruffy McZapnabber, Meatball, and Baby Spinach. ...

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