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Will minor changes to your home’s lighting make a noticeable change on your utility bills? Absolutely!

Little changes make a BIG impact.

An ENERGY STAR-qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) will save about $30 over its lifetime, and pays for itself in about 6 months. Compared to an incandescent bulb, it uses 75% less energy and lasts about 10 times longer.

Nationwide, artificial lighting consumes about 10% of a household’s electricity use. Use of new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use in homes by up to 70%. Upgrading just 15 of the inefficient incandescent light bulbs in your home could save you up to $50 per year.

During your Home Energy Assessment, your Energy Monster Advisor will determine what types of energy efficient lighting will make the greatest impact on lowering your utility bills.

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Use of new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use in homes by 50 – 75%.

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Electricity for lighting costs households about $100 every year and generates around 20,000 black balloons of greenhouse gas. Reduce that by half now!


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  • How long will my project take?

    The size of your project will dictate how long it will take. Most projects can be completed in just one day!

  • What type of insulation do you use?

    Spray foam, Blown-in, Batt, and Reflective Insulation

  • Is there financing available?

    Yes! 100% financing is available subject to credit approval. Please call us for more details.

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