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Weatherproofing Your Home In 8 Inexpensive Ways Posted by Wattson on Oct 27, 2021

There are two seasons in New England: Winter and Not-Winter. While the leaves change colors and your diet consists of more and more pumpkin-flavored things, it's easy to forget that cold air is on its way. Is your home ready to stand up against a long and cold winter? You don't have to spend a small fortune on your winter utility bills ...

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Avoid Hot Water Heater Issues This Winter Posted by Wattson on Oct 21, 2021

Don't let your water heater leave you out in the cold this winter. Water heaters are hot commodities in the winter months; both electric and gas water heaters alike. So hot, they can even break, leaving you without a properly functioning hot water tank and without any warm water for a shower. Here are a few common hot water heater ...

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Insulation Ratings in Massachusetts: What MA Homeowners Need to Know Posted by Wattson on Oct 7, 2021

insulation ratings what you need to know mass my energy monster

As October comes to a close, many people around the country are bracing for a winter full of snow and ice. And while many Massachusetts residents are prepared for temperatures to drop as we get into the winter months, right now, air conditioners are still humming across the country. We know winter is coming in the northeast. Keeping ...

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