5 Inexpensive Ways to Weatherproof Your Home

Posted by Wattson on Sep 12, 2016

Ways to Weatherproof Your Home

There are two seasons in New England: Winter and Not-Winter. While the leaves change colors, and your diet consists of more and more pumpkin, it’s easy to forget that winter weather is on its way. Is your budget ready to stand up against a long and cold winter? You don’t have to spend a small fortune on your winter energy bills or on weatherization projects. Here are some of our favorite – and inexpensive – ways to weatherproof your home.

Weatherproof your doors and windows.

Estimated Cost: $20 to $30

Warm air may be slipping through the cracks of your doors and windows. If there are only a few areas of your home that need a little TLC, run to the hardware store, and pick up some caulking and weather stripping. A low-tech trick you can use is to light a candle and slowly move it around your window frame. If the candle flickers, it means that outside air is leaking in. Worried about starting a fire? When you have a Mass Save home energy audit, an energy technician will locate the problem areas of your home. Professional air sealing is available; all you have to do is set up a separate appointment with your energy advisor.

Create door draft stoppers.

Estimated Cost: $10 per door

Does someone at home love to sew? You can create your own door draft stoppers with just some fabric, thread, and uncooked rice. Don’t know your way around a sewing machine? You can pick up some up from the store for about $10 each. Don’t want them to be an eyesore? There are dozens of styles to match any decor or sense of humor. One of our favorites was this little “guard” dog.

dog draft stopper

via thegreenhead.com

Snuggle up with a hot water heater blanket.

Estimated Cost: $15 to $40

Did you know that insulating your hot water heater can reduce heat loss by 25 to 40%? Consider throwing on a blanket to make sure your hot water heater is cozy all winter long. It’s important to note that not just any blanket will do. Using a blanket off of your bed is considered a fire hazard, so if you’re going to undertake this DIY project, invest in the real deal. Hot water heater blankets are rather inexpensive considering all the money it will help you save on hot water costs.

Clean your gutters.

Estimated Cost: $0

Weatherization projects aren’t limited to the inside of your home. Cleaning your gutters will prevent water damage to your attic. Water damage not only causes structural damage if left untreated, but also, your family may fall ill thanks to mold and mildew growth. All you need to get started is a ladder and a hose.

Call in for back-up.

Estimate Cost: None

While you may be a superstar at DIY weatherization projects, sometimes you need a little help to make your efforts shine. The Energy Monster team are your back-up dancers. We can help you fill in the gaps of your routine (literally) with our home energy audit and air sealing services. And like most concerts, home energy slots fill up quickly. Don’t be disappointed by a sold-out show and have to wait months for the next one. Our friend, Wattson, is free today to help you out.

Schedule your home energy audit before all appointments are booked.

schedule mass save home energy audit

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