Get Air Conditioner for One Room–the Efficient Way

Posted by Wattson on Jun 8, 2017

air conditioner for one room

Whether you’ve built a new addition on your home or have a space that never seems to be cool enough, getting an air conditioner for one room can be a tricky problem. Expanding your central heating and cooling system can be costly, especially if there’s ductwork involved. Massachusetts homeowners have a few options for adding an air conditioner for one room without another remodeling project.

Portable AC Units

A portable air conditioner is a free-standing unit that you place in the room you would like cooled. There’s no installation involved. You simply clear a space on the floor and plug the unit in, and it gets to work. Ideal for cooling small spaces, especially rooms with no windows, portable air conditioners are usually inexpensive to operate as well.

These types of air conditioners can be moved from room to room, although they tend to be quite bulky and heavy, so it’s not as simple as moving a floor fan. There is often a considerable amount of noise as the entire unit is inside the home. Most models have a drip pan that must be emptied several times per day–especially if there’s a lot of humidity in the air. A portable AC unit is a simple way to get an air conditioner for one room, but they are best if your budget is very limited or if you’re seeking a temporary solution.

Window Air Conditioning Units

Window units are a popular choice and are therefore easier to find and priced competitively. Because the bulk of the unit rests outside the home, they are much quieter than a portable AC unit, and condensation drains outdoors, so there’s no need to empty a drip pan. Window units are more powerful than portable ones so they can also cool larger spaces.

Installation is usually fairly simple, but it’s enough of a process that you probably won’t be moving the unit in and out of the window throughout the summer. That means not having access to the window for the duration of the summer. The dripping condensation is usually not an issue–unless you’re bothering downstairs neighbors, pedestrians, or metal objects below that will be subject to rust. Plus, even the most modern window units can be a bit of an eyesore and won’t do a thing for your curb appeal.

The Ductless Mini-Split

Made from a two-part system, a ductless mini-split is an ideal way to add an air conditioner for one room. The first part consists of an outdoor compressor, similar to what is found with a central AC system, that can be placed in an inconspicuous area of your yard. The second part is the indoor unit that is usually mounted to the wall.

If you’re not sure if a ductless mini-split is right for you, consider these points:

  • Expandable. The outdoor compressor can handle multiple indoor units. You can start with one room, and expand as necessary. Plus, installation is simple; units are up and running in just one day.
  • No Window Necessary. Because there is no window necessary and only a very small hole is needed to access the outdoor unit, a ductless mini-split is less visible, quieter, and more secure than the other options for adding an air conditioner to one room.
  • Flexible Placement. The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit with a small pipe. That means the indoor unit can be placed virtually anywhere in the room without a major construction project or disrupting your home’s architecture or decor.
  • Energy-Efficient. A ducted system can waste a considerable amount of heated and cooled air as it makes its way through the system. In contrast, a ductless mini-split delivers the air right to the room that needs it.

A ductless mini-split system is a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to add an air conditioner for one room. To learn more about customized heating and cooling options for your home, contact Energy Monster today!

ductless mini splits

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