Benefits of Ductless Mini Split AC Unit in Massachusetts

Posted by Wattson on Jun 15, 2020

MA Ductless Mini Split AC UnitWe all have that one room in our house that just doesn’t seem to be as well air-conditioned as the rest. Be it humidity or location relative to the rest of the house, that one room in particular just feels a bit off. If you live in Massachusetts and this is applicable to you, then you might be the perfect candidate for a ductless mini split system!

What are ductless mini split AC unit ?

Ductless mini split systems are standalone air conditioning units that feature both inside and outside components. The outside component consists of both a compressor and a fan, while the inside component is the air-handling unit itself, which is capable of being adjusted to offer heated or cooled air as needed. The two components are linked by a conduit, which houses everything from the refrigerant tubing to the power cable itself.

What are the benefits of having a ductless mini split system in MA?

Ductless mini split ac systems are extremely quiet. In most cases, the only way you’d notice that the system is on, aside from its air conditioning capabilities, would be to walk past the indoor unit as you feel a slight breeze.

Another key advantage to ductless mini split systems are their small size. They serve as the perfect heating and cooling candidate for small spaces that cannot be easily accommodated for by the central cooling systems that are already in place. This is especially the case for small apartments and mother-in-law suites.

Additionally, ductless mini split systems are easily mountable, meaning you have the flexibility to place the indoor unit just about anywhere you’d like. Compared to traditional window units, ductless mini split systems only require a small hole in the wall to function, which is used to connect the inside and outside components. This means you’ll enjoy all the benefits that a ductless mini split system has to offer without compromising your home’s aesthetic value.

Will I save power compared to a traditional heating and cooling system in Massachusetts?

Yes, in a number of ways! Ductless mini split systems are just as their name describes. Since they have no ducts, they’re able to circumvent the traditional energy losses that are associated with central heating and cooling systems. By cracking down on these energy losses, ductless mini split systems can save up to 30% of energy consumption typically attributed to duct losses. Along these same lines, you wouldn’t have to pay for additional duct work to be installed in your home with a unit such as this!

Yet, it doesn’t end there. Ductless mini split systems can be set up so that there are multiple indoor units installed within one house, all running from the same outside component. These multiple units can be individually adjusted to service specific sections of the house as needed. This means that you only need to keep the units on for the areas of your home that are presently occupied.

What else do I need to know?

If you’re looking for a low maintenance solution to heating and cooling for a small space in your home, then a ductless mini split system might be just what you need! Contact My Energy Monster MA to get started today! (855) 627-7674

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