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5 Myths You Should Dispel Before You Purchase Solar Panels Posted by Wattson on Jul 11, 2017

purchase solar panels

As solar power becomes more popular, you may be thinking about solar panels for your own home. Solar is still fairly new, so many homeowners don’t quite know what to expect from the process. As with any new technology, you may have some fears about how it works, how it’s installed, and how much it’s going to cost you. Here are f...

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Solar Panel Tax Credits: Get Them Before They Disappear Posted by Wattson on Jul 6, 2017

solar panel tax credit

Have you ever considered installing solar panels for your home? There are a lot of benefits to solar - you can lower your energy bills and feel good about using an energy source that is better for the environment. However, lots of people put off making the switch because solar is a such a big investment. Especially in the summertime, ...

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An Efficient AC System: Your 4 Step Guide to Try at Home Posted by Wattson on Jul 4, 2017

efficient ac

Summer is finally here to stay, and for many that means sunshine and relaxation. But if you don’t have an efficient AC, it might feel impossible to escape the heat, even in your own home. Don’t let the heat of summer get you down - make sure your air conditioner is doing its best to cool your home. How to tell if you have an effi...

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5 AC Tips Every MA Homeowner Should Try out This Summer Posted by Wattson on Jun 27, 2017


If you're trying to cut back on energy expenses this summer, a hot New England summer might be getting in the way of your efforts. Making sure your home and AC system are working together to keep your home cool will help keep your bills in check. Here are five AC tips every Massachusetts homeowner should try out. 1. Annual Inspection...

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The 6 Key Steps to Successful Solar Panels Installation Posted by Wattson on Jun 15, 2017


You've heard all the facts and figures surrounding solar panels, and you're ready to hop on board and cut your energy expenses with clean, renewable energy. On the other hand, solar panel installation is a major project that happens on a fairly dangerous area of the home--your roof. If you're wondering what the solar panels installati...

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Buying Solar Panels for Your Home? 4 Questions to Ask Posted by Wattson on Jun 13, 2017


Getting in the habit of recycling, shutting off lights, and turning down the thermostat are all helpful and simple ways to make an impact on the environment. But, what if you're ready to make a bigger change? Installing solar panels will not only help keep your utility bills low, but they will also generate clean, renewable energy for...

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Want to Install Air Conditioning System? 4 Tips to Try Posted by Wattson on Jun 1, 2017

air conditioning system installation tips

Being kind to the environment and reducing your carbon footprint are common concerns for Massachusetts homeowners, especially when it comes to choosing the right cooling system for the home. On the other hand, the hot, humid New England summers demand a robust system that doesn't leave comfort as an afterthought. If you're thinking ab...

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3 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer Posted by Wattson on Aug 9, 2016

ways to keep your house cool

It doesn't take a true New Englander to know that the weather in Massachusetts is extremely unpredictable. One day, it's hot. The next day, it's scorching. The day after that is cold and rainy. Don't even get us started on humidity! The constant change in weather makes picking out your outfit in the morning difficult, never mind thinkin...

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Discover 6 Ways to Save Energy in the Summer Posted by Wattson on Jul 6, 2016

save energy in the summer

Summers are for enjoying family fun, not sweating how much your energy bill is going to be this month. Are you wondering how you can save energy in the summer? These tips not only will reduce the amount of energy your home uses but also take little energy to execute. Learn more about how you can have your most energy-efficient summer ye...

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5 Awesome Solar Gadgets for Your Home to Get You Powered Up Posted by admin on Apr 27, 2016

solar gadgets

It's never been more affordable to go solar, but it's also very convenient while on the go. Whether you're trying to be more environmentally friendly or wire-free, these solar gadgets for your home won't slow you down. Here are some of our personal favorites. Source: EnerPlex Go solar with your phone charger. You're just about...

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