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Fix Your Home Energy Leaks First! Posted by Wattson on Jul 31, 2014

Are you considering upgrading your home's heating and cooling equipment to a more energy-efficient model? Before adding a new furnace or water heater to your home, you'll need to determine your current home energy efficiency and the status of any significant air leaks in your home. Air leaks are a common problem both in older construction...

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Meet The Super Efficient Ductless Mini-Split System Posted by Wattson on Jul 25, 2014

mini split ductless system

Are you planning on spending your day in the kitchen? If so, why keep your bedroom heated at the same time? Heating and cooling costs for your home can skyrocket if they aren't controlled. For keeping costs down, efficiency is the name of the game. Luckily, ductless mini-split systems are all about efficiency. If you live in an old...

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No Energy Bills, No Energy Problems – The Benefits of A Net-Zero Home Posted by Wattson on Apr 28, 2014

A Net-Zero home is one that has the ability to produce as much energy as it consumes and sometimes more. This is done using clean, renewable energy resources in conjunction with a home that is extremely well-insulated and energy-efficient. While the initial cost of construction may be higher, the benefits of a Net-Zero home make up f...

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Spring Into Energy Savings – Why Now’s The Time To Button Up Your Home Posted by Wattson on Mar 20, 2014

When spring arrives, homeowners often take a break from thinking about energy efficiency and the costs of heating and cooling their homes. Before you pack up your heavy boots and sweaters and put this winter behind you, schedule your No-Cost Home Energy Assessment. Not only will it help you save on next year's heating bills but it wi...

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Make 2014 the Year Your Home Becomes Energy Efficient Posted by Wattson on Jan 16, 2014

New Year's Day has passed and resolutions have been made, however, it's not too late to add one more to the list: making your home more energy-efficient. Increasing your home's efficiency means you'll save money while being kind to the environment. Almost everyone has room to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, here are four...

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Home Insulation Explained Posted by Wattson on Dec 16, 2013


Insulation is one of the most important tools you have for managing your home's overall comfort and energy consumption. Insulation comes in many different materials and can be installed using several different techniques. Before we look at the different types of insulation, we need a way to compare the effectiveness of one type of insulat...

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The Winter Is Coming! 6 Steps to Winterize Your Home Posted by Wattson on Nov 13, 2013

The long, warm, and easy summer is behind us and colder weather is setting in. Soon, shorter days and long nights will bring everyone indoors. The snow will be falling and the winds will be whipping. Yes, winter is coming…are you prepared? Check these 6 items to make sure your home is safe, efficient, and ready for the long win...

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The Top 9 Ways You Could Save Energy in Your Home Posted by Wattson on Oct 17, 2013

Learning about ways to be friendly to the environment while also being friendly to your wallet is an ongoing project for most homeowners. Beyond the usual ideas of turning off the lights and using programmable thermostats, most of us could use a few dynamic ideas to reduce energy usage in our homes.  1. Seal it up. This is first on the...

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Home Automation: Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Posted by Wattson on Sep 17, 2013

Imagine waking up in the morning, reaching over to grab the remote, and pushing a button that says “Good Morning”. The shades raise, the lights turn on, the coffee pot starts brewing, and the furnace kicks on to take the morning chill out of the air. Or, at the end of the day, when you've just finished watching your favorite shows and...

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6 Ways To Keep Your Cool Without A/C Posted by Wattson on Jul 15, 2013

Whether it’s a budget constraint or a concern for the environment, enduring a summer in a house or apartment without air conditioning can be a sweltering nightmare in many climates. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. There are a lot of ways to keep your residence habitable even in the height of the summer heat without reso...

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