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Are Solar Panels Worth It? We Say Yes. Posted by Wattson on Jul 13, 2016

Are Solar Panels Worth It

Like most homeowners, you'll do anything in your power to cut down on your monthly spending. You'll make fewer trips to the grocery store to cut down on impulse buys and brew your own coffee rather than swing by Dunkin' Donuts on the daily. But when it comes to saving on your utility bills, you're between a rock and a hard place. You ...

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What to Consider When Buying Solar Panels Posted by Wattson on May 20, 2016

What to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

If you're trying to make your home more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, installing solar panels is the way to go. Before you call up the first solar installer you find on Google, here's what to consider when buying solar panels. How to pick your solar contractor Just how well a waiter waits on you can make or break your d...

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6 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Get Solar Panels Posted by Wattson on May 6, 2016

Why You Should Get Solar Panels

Solar power is no longer a trend. It's here to stay. You may have noticed solar panels popping up on your neighbors' roofs. While you probably know that solar panels can save you money on your monthly energy bills, we bet you didn't know some of the facts below. Here's why you should get solar panels: 1. Solar panels dramatically red...

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5 Awesome Solar Gadgets for Your Home to Get You Powered Up Posted by admin on Apr 27, 2016

solar gadgets

It's never been more affordable to go solar, but it's also very convenient while on the go. Whether you're trying to be more environmentally friendly or wire-free, these solar gadgets for your home won't slow you down. Here are some of our personal favorites. Source: EnerPlex Go solar with your phone charger. You're just about...

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Now Is the Time to Go Solar Posted by Wattson on Apr 14, 2016


If you've been thinking about changing over to a clean, renewable energy source, but have not taken the plunge yet, now is the time to start the process of solar panel installation. Not only is solar energy a good long-term investment for your budget and the environment, but some big incentives for Massachusetts residents are also com...

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Why You Should Get a Solar Assessment to Save Energy Posted by Wattson on Mar 29, 2016

Get a solar assessment

Like many Americans today, you're so busy juggling your career, family, and social life, you often drop the ball in other areas of your life. Remember those kitchen counters you wanted to upgrade when you moved in? You just don't have time for it all. Your home is a large financial investment, and it's important to save money and time...

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Everything You Need to Know About SRECs Posted by Wattson on Jan 18, 2016

what are SRECs

If you're a savvy shopper, you may have been doing some research on whether or not it makes sense for your family to go solar. While federal tax credits and state incentives are making the initial cost of a solar system more affordable, you might be wondering what else you can do to lower your monthly utility bills. In your resear...

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What You Need to Know About Snow and Solar Panels Posted by Wattson on Dec 15, 2015

solar panels and snow

Solar panels don't require much maintenance to function properly. In fact, if you live in a perennially warm and sunny climate, like Los Angeles, solar panel maintenance may have never even occurred to you. But how does solar panel maintenance work for us New Englanders who get Nor'easters nearly every winter? Does our cold and snowy ...

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Why You Need to Go Solar Before It’s Too Late Posted by Wattson on Dec 14, 2015


Federal and local governments have been working hard over the past several years to make solar energy more affordable for homeowners. By heavily promoting solar power, the government has encouraged competition and technological innovation, reducing the cost of solar for consumers. Since the investment tax credit was first offered in 2...

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Should I Go Solar or Continue Using Fossil Fuels? Posted by Wattson on Nov 27, 2015

Should I Go Solar Or Continue Using Fossil Fuels

Even though fossil fuels have helped shape American society, it’s time for them to step aside and make room for solar power. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in the US, and for good reason. If you’re considering whether or not you should go solar, here are some things to keep in mind: Availability Although the sun m...

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