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Want to make an impact on your home’s energy consumption, but don’t qualify for a Mass Save home energy assessment? Whether you’re living in a municipality or your energy provider doesn’t support Mass Save, we have a new solution for you! Home energy audits and energy-saving rebates are finally available through the DOER Home MVP program.

What is the Home MVP Program?


Home MVP is a program funded by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources which aims to help residents reduce their energy consumption and costs. This is done through home energy assessments and incentives for customized home improvements.

The DOER Home Energy MVP Program offers home energy assessments to all 1-4 unit homes throughout the state. This means that you qualify for an assessment no matter who your energy supplier is, even if you live in a municipality.

As part of your assessment, you will receive a custom scorecard of your home’s energy usage, including recommendations for how to reduce your consumption. To help you make these changes, the program offers rebates and incentives for custom home energy improvements. This includes traditional efficiency measures, such as:

  • Air sealing and insulation
  • Solar panels
  • Geothermal systems
  • Cold climate heat pumps
  • Spray foam insulation
  • And more!

The higher your estimated energy savings, the higher the incentive. The goal of the DOER Home MVP Program is to help residents reduce their carbon footprint, decrease their reliance on non-renewable energy sources, and help our state meet our energy goals.


The DOER Home MVP Program is an excellent way for residents to impact their energy usage, but it won’t be around forever. The program only runs until November 2020, and Energy Monster is one of only a handful of contractors in Massachusetts that is qualified to perform a Home MVP energy assessment.

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How Does Home MVP Work?

Home MVP is designed to help you address your home’s unique energy needs with customized energy upgrades. Getting started with Energy Monster is easy with our simple 4-step process to save:

  • Request your home energy assessment. Our energy auditor will spend 1-2 hours inspecting your home for areas of inefficiency.
  • Receive your customized home scorecard. This will show you all of the areas where your home’s energy usage could be improved, as well as suggestions for next steps.
  • Choose your next steps. Our energy expert will help you decide which energy projects would be most helpful for your home. As qualified contractors, we can help you get the job done.
  • Explore rebates and incentives. We will work with you to explore financing options, including product rebates, incentives based on your chosen upgrades, and the opportunity for the 0% MVP Loan. We’ll even help you do the paperwork!


1) Who qualifies for DOER Home MVP Program assessments & rebates?

The Home MVP Program is available to all residents of 1-4 unit homes in Massachusetts, including those living in municipalities, but renters should keep in mind that you must get permission from your landlord before making energy upgrades. One additional thing to keep in mind, according to the Home MVP Program, is that households eligible for full subsidy from the Mass Save low‐income program are not eligible for Home MVP.


Depending on your project, you may be wondering whether you qualify for rebates and incentives. The most important factor to consider is whether your project will reduce your home’s total energy usage. Your qualified energy contractor will model your estimated energy savings to determine if your project is eligible.


These incentives may also apply to projects that include non-energy improvements. For example, if you remodel your kitchen, some of those improvements may improve your energy efficiency, while others may simply be cosmetic. In order to receive incentives for your remodel, costs must be allocated appropriately to energy and non-energy improvements.

2) What other types of rebates are available?

When you participate in the Home MVP Program, you qualify for more than just the Home MVP incentives. You will also remain eligible for Mass Save rebates for heating and cooling equipment upgrades. Additionally, you qualify for rebates from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.


Ready to go solar? On top of these rebates, the Department of Energy Resources has partnered with the Massachusetts Municipal Electric Cooperative and Energy New England to offer a rebate program for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems in certain Municipal Light Plant service territories. DOER and the participating municipalities will offer rebates of $1.20 per watt (up to 50% of system costs) on installations of 25 kW DC or less! DOER and your municipal light company will each provide half of the funding for these rebates. DOER has committed $2.3 million to this program to date.

3) Are there finance options through this program?

Rebates and incentives can help cover the cost of many upgrades, but it’s not always enough. If you want to make big upgrades without breaking the bank, DOER offers the MVP Loan, a 0% interest loan for up to seven years! The MVP Loan is available to help cover these energy upgrades:

  • Air and duct sealing
  • Insulation
  • Electric heating and cooling equipment improvements such as ductless mini splits
  • Improved controls, including wireless thermostats, improved lighting, and HVAC equipment and distribution system controls
  • Installation of clean renewable heating systems
  • High-performance windows with the 2017 Energy Star Most Efficient rating
  • Mechanical ventilation which improves indoor air quality

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Make an Impact

You want to reduce your home’s energy consumption—and the DOER Home Energy MVP Program can help you do it for a limited time. Don’t miss your chance. Schedule your assessment through Home MVP today.

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  • How long does a home energy assessment take?

    An assessment takes as little one hour and up to 2.5 hours. We can schedule an appointment time that will work for you.

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