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Solar Battery Storage 

In an area famous for unpredictable weather, it pays to be prepared. Stay one step ahead of stormy weather and power outages with solar battery storage.


What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar panels for your home are a great way to save energy—and lower your energy costs while you’re at it! But believe it or not, it’s possible for solar panels to generate more power than you use in a single billing cycle. So what happens to that unused energy?

In some cases, the excess energy generated by your solar panels will simply enter the grid. Your utility company may even compensate you by “buying” the energy. Similarly, if your solar panels are not producing enough energy, you can draw from the grid (but you’ll have to pay for that energy!).


How it Works

Solar batteries work differently. Instead of feeding your excess energy back into the grid, connecting a battery to your solar system allows you to store your energy for later use. Solar panels generate the most energy during the day and most homes typically consume more energy at night, although the exact amount of energy you produce and use will depend on the season. With solar battery storage, you can charge the battery while the sun is out; when the sun sets, you can turn your battery on to continue your renewable energy use.

But the advantages of solar batteries don’t stop there. Solar battery storage can even help you in the event of a power outage. As long as the battery has energy stored, it will turn on automatically when the grid goes out—which means no more worrying about frozen pipes, spoiled food, or missing your favorite TV show in the event of a blackout!

Solar Battery FAQs

1) What does the battery system look like? Where is it installed?

A solar battery storage system looks similar to a small refrigerator, and it is generally installed in areas that are “out of the way.” This will be different for every home, but possible installation locations include the garage, basement, or outside the home.

2) How does a battery system work?

The battery is connected to the overall solar system and is charged by the solar panels. The energy can then be stored for later use or used immediately, depending on the immediate needs of the homeowner.



3) What battery options do you offer?

Energy Monster offers two different brands of battery for our customers to choose from:



Though there is some variation between the two, both brands create high-quality solar battery systems. We will work with you to determine the best battery option for your home.

4) Can I go off-grid with a battery?

Yes! Either battery option will allow you to power your home off the grid during an outage.

5) Will I need an internet connection?

Yes, both the solar panel system and the battery will be connected to the internet. This will provide you with the ability to monitor your solar system and your battery storage with an app on your mobile phone.

6) How much storage will I need?

This will be different for every customer. There are many variables that will affect this decision, including:

  • Your home’s energy consumption
  • The time of day when energy is most often consumed
  • Solar system production (based on the size and type of panel)
  • How the battery system will be used

Don’t let power outages slow you down!

Save your energy for a rainy day with a solar battery storage system. If you’re ready to upgrade your system, contact Energy Monster. We can help you decide on the right battery for you—and we’ll install it, too!

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  • Are there incentives for solar installations?

    Yes! A 26% federal tax credit and a $1000 state of MA tax credit is available for every solar installation. You may also enroll in the Massachusetts SMART program, which allows you to collect payment for all of the solar energy you produce regardless of if you use it or send it out to the grid (this is separate from net metering). Commercial solar installations are eligible to depreciate their solar installations on top of the tax credits.

  • Are there rebates available for solar installations?

    Yes! We’re an approved Home Performance Contractor for Massachusetts. That means that we’re not only qualified at what we do, but we’re able to offer you Rebates of up to 75% off of your project. Learn more about available rebates.

  • How long will my solar project take?

    The size of your project will dictate how long it will take. Most residential installations typically take a couple of days.

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