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Mass Save Program

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The Mass Save Program is an energy efficiency initiative sponsored by Massachusetts’ energy utility and efficiency companies. The program is funded by a surcharge on your e2lectric and gas bills, so it only makes sense to take advantage of all the energy-saving opportunities and benefits. Through Mass Save, MA homeowners can take advantage of a host of energy efficiency improvements rebates, incentives, zero-interest loans, and more.

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No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

To take advantage of all Mass Save Program rebates and incentives, first, you must have a home energy assessment performed by a qualified Energy Monster advisor. This is a no-cost home energy assessment, that will evaluate your monthly energy costs, and you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. In just one hour, your Energy Monster advisor will assess your home and energy bills, install no-cost instant energy-saving equipment and provide a full report with additional energy-saving advice.

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Mass Save’s Whole Home Rebate

Adding energy efficient insulation does more than just lower your electricity bill. Upgrading your home’s insulation qualifies you for a $10,000 Whole-Home Rebate with Mass Save when paired with a ductless mini split. While this rebate is unique in that it requires insulation work, in many cases that cost is completely covered by the $10,000 per house rebate. Mass Save’s Whole Home Rebate is not only one of the best in Massachusetts, but also might be the best energy rebate in the country.

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Other Great Mass Save Rebates

Your no-cost home energy assessment will qualify you for all applicable Mass Save rebates and incentives. During your assessment, the advisor will go over specific programs that your home would benefit from. Some of the rebates and incentives you may qualify for include: the 0% HEAT Loan program, no-cost air sealing, energy-efficient equipment rebates, and more. The best part, your Energy Monster advisor will handle all the Mass Save paperwork and processing. It’s that easy!

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  • Is the home energy assessment really no-cost?

    Yes! Thanks to the Mass Save, an energy efficiency and Massachusetts utility company sponsored program, you are eligible for a no-cost home energy assessment once every two years. There is no catch and no obligation to buy anything once you receive an assessment.

  • Are there rebates available for solar installations?

    Yes! We’re an approved Home Performance Contractor for Massachusetts. That means that we’re not only qualified at what we do, but we’re able to offer you Rebates of up to 75% off of your project. Learn more about available rebates.

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