Going Solar in Rhode Island Is Easy

Residential Solar Power

More and more Rhode Island homeowners are going solar! Adding solar panels to your home is an excellent way to reduce your energy usage and your impact on the environment. Solar panels also increase your home’s valueand could save you 70% or more on utility costs. State and federal incentives are available to help cover the cost, which makes this the best time to go solar.

Commercial Solar Power

Why should homeowners have all the energy-saving fun? Energy Monster can help you install solar panels on your commercial building. This is an affordable, smart way to manage your building’s energy use. Benefits of commercial solar panels include:

  • Better management of energy expenses
  • Lowered cost of operations
  • Meeting (or exceeding!) sustainability goals

Our Trusted Solar Solutions

Energy Monster has installed hundreds of solar panels for residential and commercial buildings alike. As one of the Top 100 American Residential Solar Installers in 2019, we are proud to install only the highest quality solar technologies available and to offer our customers high-quality support. To ensure great solar solutions for our customers, we partner with some of the top brand names in the industry.


How do we do it? Energy Monster has a unique three-step solar process which allows our customers to easily make the switch and to choose the best options available for their unique solar applications.

1. Assess

The first step in the solar process is to receive your solar assessment. Energy Monster will take the time to assess your home and building to ensure it is a good fit for solar based on its size, solar orientation, and baseline energy consumption.

During the assessment, our team will be able to address your questions and concerns about going solar. Typical concerns include:

  • Panel style. We use newer panels that offer a sleeker look, so you don’t have to worry about them ruining your home’s style.
  • Cost. How much will installation cost? Will you buy outright or finance? Our team will help you to determine the right option for you and can help you find State and Federal incentives to offset the cost.
  • Savings Estimate. How much will going solar save you?

After learning about your unique solar needs, our design team will take over. They will create a customized solar solution for your building. The assessment and design process are obligation-free!

2. Install

Once the assessment and design are complete, it’s time to implement your custom solution. We want this process to be simple for you, so we’ll take care of the hard stuff: filing for building permits and connecting your solar energy system to local utilities.

Then it’s time to install! A typical installation can take 1 to 3 days, depending on the size of the roof. Once your panels have passed a municipal inspection and been approved, you can officially go solar!

3. Save

This is our favorite step! Your newly environmentally-friendly solar-powered building will start saving energy right away—and saving energy means saving money too. Other financial benefits of going solar include:

  • Rhode Island tax exemptions. The state of Rhode Island will ensure that your property taxes will not increase—even as the value of your home increases when you add solar panels! You will also be exempt from paying sales tax on your solar system.
  • Net metering. Your solar panels will generate more energy during peak sun seasons such as late spring, summer and early fall. Most utilities in Rhode Island offer net metering which will credit you for the electricity produced that’s not consumed entirely at the end of the month. Then, during times when your system isn’t generating enough energy to cover your bill, you’ll automatically pull from your bank of stored energy credits!
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  • How long will my solar project take?

    The size of your project will dictate how long it will take. Most residential installations typically take a couple of days.

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